Things are kind hazy
And my head’s all cloudy inside
I never thought I’d feel like this
So it’s a little damaging to my pride

I feel like a fucking moron
‘Cause these are things I shouldn’t feel
I’ve thought this whole thing over
And suddenly.. Well, fuck; it’s real

If only I could tell you this
If only you knew
If only you had an inkling
Of what I’m going through

I keep on pretending it’s all a dream
And it’s not really there
But it pops up when you touch me
Or run your fingers through my hair

I know what your reaction would be
You’d say I was a fool
To fall for someone close to me
Is incredibly uncool

That’s why I’ll keep it to myself
No one else needs to know
That I have some feelings for you
And I need to deal with them before they grow

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