So bemused; what to do?
My hands…they shake at the thought of you

Stomach does flip flops; knees go weak
Tongue gets twisted; I can’t speak

Yet, when I’m with you, my feelings change
I’m suddenly different at the sound of your name

I’m no longer moved by your crystal blue eyes;
Your gorgeous laugh or virile disguise;

No more do I smile at the mere thought of you
No longer infatuated with the way that you move

And at that point I decide it’s all in my head:
I don’t want to curl up in your arms in my bed

I don’t want you to whisper all night in my ear
I don’t want you to tell me things all girls long to hear

I don’t want to feel your arms wrapped around my waist
I don’t want your kisses all over my face

I don’t want to slow-jam while we’re all alone
I don’t want to swap “I love you”s over the phone

Ok… I’m lying.. I want all of this; I do
But that’s my secret and I’ll never tell you.

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