Last Night

I feel as though you’re part of me
I feel as though we’re one
I feel like I’ve known you forever
I also wonder what I’ve done

Was that night the right thing to do?
Or could it have been a mistake?
I didn’t think that with that much love
There’d be a choice to make

I wish I could explain this
In a way you’d understand
The simplest way to put it
Sounds like a tough demand

My feelings for you are growing
Blooming into more
Though I feel that if I told you
You’d run straight out the door

This will remain my secret
Held within me; deep inside
Our friendship’s not worth jeopardising
This is something I must hide

As for that beautiful night
It will remain emblazoned in my mind
We’ll have to do that again, my darling
Time after time after time…

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