White Noise

I guess that little bit of freedom was way too much to ask
I don’t see why everyone can smile but me
The one shred of happiness I find
You take away
Well I apologise
I’m sorry if I’m happy
I’m sorry if I cry
I’m sorry if I’m loved by someone
I’m sorry if I wanna lay down and die
I’m sorry I am
I’m sorry I’m not
I’m sorry I can’t be that girl you see
I’m sorry for the lot
Actions speak louder than words, I know
So why are my tears invalid?
Just because you can’t see the pain
Don’t mean it ain’t there
Inside I’m slowly dying
But I hardly expect you to see that
Not like you’d care anyway
I guess that’s how it goes though
Number one
I see
See but don’t understand
Hear but don’t listen
It’s all white noise
Just like I am to you

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