Josephine’s Lullaby

My sister was 20 days old when I wrote this song for her.
I was rocking her to sleep and hummed a melody;
Gradually it stuck and I sat down at my piano to work in some words.
And so was born the song I sang to my sister at bedtime..

Hush now baby, go to sleep
Be still now, Josie, don’t you weep
Close your eyes, begin to dream
Sleep now darling, Josephine

It’s ok, your sister’s here
No need to whimper; no need to fear
Just lie back and close your eyes
Don’t be scared; don’t you cry

Although the world’s a scary place
There’s no need to be afraid
I am here and here I’ll stay
Sleep now, Josie, fade away

Josephine just rest your head
Lie down, sweet baby, in your bed
You’re much sleepier than you seem
Goodnight my darling Josephine

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