Full Circle

It’s been seven days since I last kissed you
Since I last touched you
Looked at you
Cried for you

In my sleepless agony I stare at the clock like it will save my life
But I will surely die as it only ticks closer to day eight

I’m scared to close my eyes lest your image shifts and I forget what you look like
Yet I fear the daylight for the same reason

I crave sleep so I can pretend I don’t recognise you
I want to believe you never existed
But sometimes I wish you still did

Seven days and I have floated through each one unknowingly
Like the breeze across a deserted island

You are my familiar face
My homely space
My happy place
And you have slipped through my fingers like water

It’s been so long
I ache for you incessantly
Like the cure for a chronic disease
Like tears in a world of laughter

I’ve tried so hard to disassociate
To move on
To push through
And yet…

Seven days and I’m no closer to not loving you anymore.

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