My Words

Those words were mine.

Every sentence, every comma, every capitalised word;
Each inflection of disappointment and hurt.

You affect your own father and still you do not see.
You look but do not see.

Your venom spills defensively from your lips and onto the floor where it tracks its target like a missile and it doesn’t miss.

You are callous and mean when you hide behind negativity that you mistakenly call “reason”.
Reason and emotion often have little to do with each other.

You tell us we’re wrong because you can’t see what’s right and therefore it mustn’t exist.
Your singular view of humanity crashes down on my chest like a meat cleaver; slicing open my flesh and exposing my rage.

This venom, this poison… so harsh and pointed is so surreal in an ocean of madness.
Your anger blocks the drumming in your ears and we cannot speak loud enough to stop you.

A single breath is all it would take to hear that the ocean that rushes to find home on the shore of your soul is not a not a tsunami intent on your destruction.
One breath and you might see that behind the glare of the sun we are feeble; we are fickle; we are silently crying out for help.
We’re trapped.

Trapped on a tide you cannot bear to master simply because the moon’s beauty is distracting.
Anger is the only cloak you wear and it shields any reason the sun might have whispered.

In these dark moments you are simply a shadow that sparks a fire of fear in my stomach and ignites a blaze of disappointment.

Is this the man I love?

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