They Know Best

“Stand up!” they say when you fall
“Stand up and keep walking”
But walking is hard when your back is broken
The fall was long and I wasn’t as strong as I needed to be

“It’s ok!” they say when it’s not
“It’ll all be ok!”
But it’s not and it won’t be
But they can’t see
Because it’s me
Who can’t be
How I’m supposed to be
Because no one taught me
And I’m lost
It all comes at a cost
And they don’t SEE

“Be brave!” they say when the apocalypse approaches
“Be brave! You’ll get through this”
But what do they know?
How do I show
That I can’t grow
I can’t move to and fro
Dodging the inevitable end of days
What do they know that I don’t?

“I’m here for you!” they say as I’m melting.
“I’m here if you need me; just ask!”
But what does that mean?
Am I so unseen?
This is deathly obscene
Surely they can SEE that I’m melting…?

“Don’t worry!” they say when I frown
“Don’t worry, you’ll get there!”
It’s fucking hard to care
When it’s never fair
And I can’t see through the glare
But I’m pretty sure they’ve got no fucking idea

“Don’t be sad!” they say when I’m holding that gun
“Don’t be sad, you have so many reasons to be happy!”
But no matter how petty
Or witty
They sound
I can’t hear them over all of their pity

“You got this!” they say as I step up to the plate
“You got this in the bag!”
All I know is, they talk and they talk
But when it’s their time
They rarely shine
They’re out of line
Brutally blind
And though I search
All I can find is the thunder and lightening so


Just stop.

Please stop.

Oh, stop.

Stop fucking patronising me with your hypocrisy.

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