She is the red-eyed dog in the dark.
The Queen of the Underworld.
The epicentre of your worst nightmare.

Yet she is oblivious. At least she claims to be.

Everyone else is the Devil in her eyes; she’s always the victim.
She’s always the one wronged.
Always the misunderstood Saint who goes out of her way to help others.
Always the person standing by to catch you when you fall.

Yet she’s none of these things.

She is the Devil and her victims are countless.

She is wrong in every situation.

She promises to catch you once she’s forced you to jump and then smiles during your free-fall; knowing you will land on your back, with no choice but to stare back up at her. And she’ll tell you it was your own fault.

She creates havoc and mayhem and preaches the Gospel while flames burn in her eyes and a wicked smile spills like glitter over her lips.
All this as she watches you dance around her demons.

She is darkness.
She is horror.
She is the mother of all monsters.
And I am her first born.

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