The End is Always the Beginning

2020. The start of a new decade. Which is such a weird concept to me because EVERY new year is the start of a new decade. I guess it’s the rounding up of numbers that has people in a heightened nostalgic tailspin. And there’s the social media thing…

I don’t remember a big deal over entering 2010. There was no “Oh my God, you guys. It’s 2010 tomorrow!” on NYE of 2009. It was just another new year.

But it’s different this year. It’s extra special because we’re in the future. It’s like we just entered the year 2000 off the back of the crazy 90s-lead-up (remember Y2K?). Somehow this new year holds so much more promise and sparkle simply because it’s the dawn of a new decade (in a round number).

It’s like those people (me) who can only start diets on Mondays because there’s a last hoorah to be had or there’s still three day old cheesecake in the fridge and it’s just not ready for the bin. Or those people (me) who put off errands until the last second; Christmas and birthday shopping, paying bills, updating addresses etc.. As if doing it sooner will somehow be a bigger inconvenience than winding up rushing to get the Secret Santa gift on your way to the work-lunch that you organised and have to wander aimlessly around the department store to find a gift-wrapping service. And now, you’re all sweaty and flustered (because it’s goddamn hot in Australia in December) and you’re wondering why the fuck you leave everything to the last second. Or something.

My point is, for whatever reason, the promise of 2020 is oddly romantic. It’s like there’s a clean slate and we can be and do whatever we want to be and do. Like it never occurred to us that it was possible before. Like we had to finish the three day old cheesecake before starting the diet on Monday. And now, here we are – the same band of rambling idiots (me) still flailing their arms and wondering what the fuck is going on (standard adulting) as we exit the holiday period and get ready to head back to the real world (work).

Except it’s 2020 now. And there’s so much promise. So much sparkle. The slate is clean and we can be and do whatever the fuck we want to be and do.

Life is strange.