I wish you anything but well

I hate you. I hate everything about you.

From your self-righteous entitlement to your careless callousness.

You are a monster. A horrible, disgusting, selfish, ridiculous monster.

In one fell swoop you have ruined her life – yet you get to keep on keeping on.

In one single visit you have upended her world – yet yours gets to keep turning.

In one small whisper you have gifted her an avalanche of horror.

And you’re a fucking barbarian.

I can’t even look at you.

I spit your name through my teeth like I’ve accidentally sucked on lemon. I want to punch your face and set fire to everything you love. I wish I could wish for bad things to happen to you but I… I’m bigger than you are.

I’m bigger. I’m smarter. I’m better than you.

You vicious, pompous, vacuous man. You horrible, horrifying, hateful cunt.

I hate everything about you.

And if it wasn’t for her…. if it wasn’t for knowing that she’s in that room suffering through one of the heaviest, life-altering moments of her life – ON TOP OF ALL THE OTHER BULLSHIT YOU’VE DUMPED ON HER – I’d scream this in your face until you called the police on ME.

I’d scream it from my cell, I’d sing it from the roof of the jail, I’d inject it into your veins – a bad trip – and watch you melt into the furniture.

You have ruined her. You have ruined your own children. You have no remorse, no conscience, no LOVE.

I hate you. I hate everything about you. And whilst I can’t wish you ill-will, I can wish for karma to catch up with you. I can wish for you to get what you deserve. Because you get back what you give. And all you give is destruction.

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